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Max& this bunch of unique individuals collaborate together to make the best use of their exquisite skills to achieve the best outcomes

for you & your team(s) 

Max Cartoon copy.png
  • Max Gooding LinkedIn Profile

Max has over 30years(&) experience in organisational dynamics & behavioural change. Particularly passionate about coaching leadership teams she has the intent, focus & energy needed to bring together successful Max& collaborations.

  • Noelle Goldman-Jacob - LinkedIn Profile

With 40years (&) working in the cultural, public & charitable sector - Noelle knows how to transform people & cultures. She brings OD expertises, 121 coaching & unique creative practices to Max& collaborations.

  • Rachael Hanley-Browne LinkedIn Profile

With over 35years (&) experience leading & delivering strategic change, Rachael works with Executives, Boards & leadership teams. She brings deep knowledge of leadership development, 

talent management & systemic team coaching to Max& collaborations.

  • Holly Sedlacek - LinkedIn Profile

Holly’s organisational psychology roots, bags of qualifications & hours of on-the-road experience underpin her passion for making the most of being a human being!  She brings curiosity & passion to 121 coaching, facilitation & delivering learning experiences to Max& collaborations.

Dan Cartoon.jpg
  • Daniel Scott - LinkedIn Profile

Brimming with over 20years (&) OD expertise, Dan is a specialist in action learning programmes & facilitation. He brings extraordinary skills in creating clarity from complexity, engaging people & particularly teams in achieving sustainable change through Max& collaborations.

  • Clare Vernon - Linked In Profile

Clare’s role is all things creative.  Most of her time is spent creating new noodles or designing visual approaches.  That said she’s also a stickler for process & detail so she makes sure that the noodle platform & all our users are properly looked after.

Kat Cartoon2.jpeg
  • Kat Sharley - LinkedIn Profile

Kat co-ordinates all the parts that ensure the smooth running of the Max& Team.  Financials? Yep. Scheduling? Of course.  Effective operations? All over it. Any questions, Kat’s your main point of contact

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