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Image by Mark Wieder

Photo by Mark Wieder on Unsplash

Max& - Experts in organisational dynamics, systemic change, individual & team coaching, team & org diagnostics, intervention design & facilitation.


What's with the ampersand?

There’s a time for working on your own & there’s a time when things are best done in collaboration. 

& let’s face it we know when it’s time to bring something else, when it’s time to do something different.

At Max& we are all about mixing it up - & mixing it up together.


Lighting up your situation so you are crystal clear what’s really going on.  Sounding things out to be sure you have heard all there is to hear.  Exploring, with curiosity, the art of the possible.  

& then generating the intention, focus & energy needed to make it POP – whatever ‘it’ is.  With you, your team, your organisation (or maybe even across all 3 if that’s what’s needed).

Because whatever is needed you can be sure that it’s heading towards a whole better outcome when you do it with.


It’s all about the &.

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